Virtual reality helps us get into the world of fitness, keep track of our progress, and so much more. The logic behind VR is simple: to explore the game that will make your body consume large amounts of energy.

Regardless of your fitness level, you can find a game that suits your needs. If you’re looking for more gaming tips, you can head over to GameSpot and GamingGuideTips. Anyway, here are the best VR Fitness games that will get you excited to workout and firm up.

The Thrill of the Fight

This is a boxing game specifically designed for VR. The player battles unique challengers by blocking blows, dodging, and evading punches to become the king. And if you begin to tire down, a knockout takes its toll. The Thrill of the Fight uses simplified mechanics to accommodate the needs of your VR technology.

Sword Master VR

It’s an intense sword fighting game that helps you take full advantage of virtual reality. This is not a game of standing still and wiggling the sword to the enemies- you have to fight in 360-degree combat. Your goal is to become master of the blade. Some of the most notable features include 8 unlockable swords, 7 enemy variations, 10 challenge levels, and 4 difficulty modes. This game requires the use of room scale and controllers.

Hot Squat

The Hot Squat requires the player to perform as many squats as possible. Get into the challenging environment and prove you’re better than them. You have to compete against friends and the world to get the highest count. While everything looks pretty basic, you can be sure the game will deliver the maximum heart rate. Unlike other VR fitness games, Hot Squat has no end- you’ll always have a challenge.

The Fastest Fist

This game is for boxers who want a real-life boxing experience. You can react quickly and block punches to become stronger. The workout is intense and transforms your body. For those who enjoy boxing, you can easily take a 60-minute workout. When this game gets intense remember to take a break.

Knockout League

The Knockout League is a competitive game that features 9 components. It starts with a tutorial that shows unique fighters with special abilities – you can punch, block, and train. The game is available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows mixed reality headsets.

Box VR

Box VR is developed by the leading VR game instructors with the goal of changing lives. It covers a large size of the room which makes the player feel like a superhero while defeating the bad guys. While this game focuses on chest, arms, and shoulders, it also focuses cardio. The VR boxing experience is available for Window’s Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

Beat Saber

This is a rhythm-based VR game where players pick their Oculus and windows mixed reality controllers. The workout will help you go through obstacles, duck, and dodge leaving you feeling empowered – the results are very promising.

Sprint Vector

It’s a thrilling VR racer that relies on intense technique like swinging the arms to run through an obstacle. Your role is to make sharp turns while jetting at blazing speeds. The long strides and death-defying traps feel like a chore.


The game allows the players to perform pro-level moves in a more productive way. It involves the performance of more intense gestures that work on the upper body. You’re equipped with a shield and you can trigger amazing gymnastics. The best way of playing the game is with a friend or opponent. Sparc holds the VR competitive award for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC live.

If you want to add more activity to your lifestyle, VR games may be your answer. The above fitness games will give you a good cardiovascular workout while clocking hours in your VR headset. Some will target specific muscle groups while others will perform full body workout.

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